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Employee Feedback Data Dashboard

This report package is what you’ll receive when you participate in our programme, and it’s the real bread and butter of what we offer you. Reports such as this can cost upwards of £7,000 if done by an independent workplace research firm, but this package is available for purchase at a reduced cost as part of this programme.

Here’s what you get:

Phone Call A 30-minute phone call with our survey specialist will help you go through the results and get answers to questions.

Online Data Dashboard This is a place where you can get all your data in the ways you need it, including downloading it in charts and graphs. Sample>>

Workforce Feedback Results This report breaks out the various attribute statements employees were asked about in the survey and shows percentages of who agreed and disagreed with each. Sample>>

Employee Verbatims Responses to open-ended questions are contained in this report. Sample>>

Workforce Benchmark Comparisons This report averages data from all companies that made and didn’t make the list, and it focuses on questions with positive responses. Sample>>

Benefits & Best Practices Report This report also includes data from companies that made and didn’t make the list, and it focuses on standard employee benefits and best practises. Sample>>

Employee Feedback Data Dashboard Pricing:

Number of Eligible UK Employees Number
of Eligible Employees Surveyed
Report Fee with 15% Discount*(discount ends 22 Sept 2023) Report Fee Regular Pricing*
15-24 All £510 £600
25-99 All £535 £630
100-199 All £635 £750
200-499 Up to 300** £685 £810
500-999 400** £755 £890
1000 and above 500** £800 £935

*Costs are not refundable. **Employees are randomly selected.


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